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Strategic Consulting Services

When your strategic IT assets are on the line, trust a partner who has done it before.


Like the vast majority of our customers, IT is probably not your core business. Trying to solve all of your IT challenges internally can become a major distraction, and other aspects of your business can suffer. More often than not these challenges end up costing way in excess of your initial expectations.

If you need help with a special project involving your IT assets and/or consulting, we are eager to assist you. We are an expert IT consulting firm providing advisory and managed IT services, using ITIL standards, that will meet any of your short, or long-term IT objectives.

Why us? We have over 25 years of experience helping clients address a wide range of issues and projects, such as network security, disaster recovery planning (DRP), business continuity planning (BCP), technology compliance issues, HIPAA Compliancy, technology recommendations, communications and carrier services.

Here is a partial list of the IT consulting services that we offer:

  • IT Assessments
  • Database Review
  • SQL Services
  • Cloud Assessments
  • Legacy System Migration
  • Licensing Audits
  • Network Security Services/Vulnerability Assessment
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Asset Identification/Audit
  • Merger & Acquisition Planning


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