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OSSI database services help your business with database development, reporting systems, data mining, and report generation, all of which will work will all common SQL or other relational databases. See the information below for more about OSSI's database services.

Data Design - Deciding how to organize your data is an important step. Our consultants can help you work out these details so you have an underlying system that is easy to maintain, update, and add to during the life of your information solution.

SQL Services for Database Review and Design - Your information is critical to your business. Understanding, accessing, and relating information helps increase its value and the success of your business. OSSI can tailor the design, implementation, and administration of a SQL database that meets your needs, and safeguard it for your business. Areas of SQL database services include:

  • Upgrades
  • Maintenance
  • Reports you need about your business data for trends, ROI, planning, and more

Legacy System Migration

With more than 20 years of experience migrating legacy systems, OSSI knows how to minimize interruptions and downtime so your business doesn't lose valuable time, and to ensure that your data is transferred accurately. OSSI understands how critical your data and your system are to your business and is committed to working closely with you to improve your network so you and your employees can get more done.

Licensing Audits

Software piracy can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars…and you may not even know you've done it!

OSSI conducts licensing audits to help ensure that you have right licenses and the correct number of licenses for your software applications and for your operating system. The Software and Information Industry Association website has information about the penalties for pirating software, stating that the Copyright Act allows a copyright owner to recover monetary damages measured either by: (1) actual damages plus any additional profits of the infringer attributable to the infringement, or (2) statutory damages, of up to $150,000 for each copyrighted work infringed.

Software companies are on high alert for piracy, and the Business Software Alliance conducts investigations on software piracy. According to a study by the Business Software Alliance and the International Data Corporation (IDC), the global software piracy rate in 2003 was 36%, with a loss of $29 billion. The continuing problem means lost jobs, wages, tax revenues, and a potential barrier to success for software start-ups around the globe.

Make sure your company is in compliance and that your company doesn't end up paying a hefty fine by getting a licensing audit from OSSI.


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